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About IOS 2018

Worldwide of World Ostomate Meeting Gathering is the first program implemented in Indonesia, the program is meeting between nurse, ostomate and friend of ostomate.

Indonesia has had many cases of stoma making by surgeons in hospitals, in a patient note stoma taking free bags at the Indonesian Cancer Foundation (YKI) and Wocare Center, there are more than 200 people who come with various complaints, such as conditions down, fear of activity, shame and so forth.

From these conditions, the stoma nurse has aspirations in bringing together the perceptions of "ostomy care providers & practitioners" from various educational backgrounds to provide optimum service to the quality of life and health of Stoma.

In the development of stoma care activities in Indonesia, we present 1st International Ostomy Scientific 2018 in conjunction 4rd Worldwide of World Ostomate Meeting Gathering.

"Because we believe that it is every individual's right to get the best health care that his country can provide."