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Dear colleagues and friends,

Effective stoma care requires a team approach, and knowledgeable and accountable stoma nurses play a crucial part in the multi-disciplinary team. The goals to improving survival and providing better stoma care to improve quality of life cannot happen without the efforts of these nurses who work in all areas specialized areas in the stoma care continuum. The 1st International Ostomy scientific with conjunction the 4rd world worldwide Ostomate Meet & Gather Conference provides a platform for stoma nurses worldwide, in particular from the Asia region, to gather together, to appraise their significant contributions to stoma nursing, share their knowledge and experience to advance nursing practice, and to work hand-in-hand to deliver the best care to ostomate and family members, and to support the junior, general and stoma nurses and prepare them to be future leaders in stoma care.

The focus of the conference consists of three key areas--Excellence, Innovation and Collaboration-to help us strive for excellence in stoma care, to lead innovation for better quality of care, and to work strategically for effective change. In order to achieve these goals, international and regional keynote and plenary speakers will be invited to deliver inspiring and insightful lectures. Of course, your participation in this conference is crucial as we can learn and share knowledge with one another, and discuss how to deliver the best care for our ostomate and their family.

We look forward to seeing you in the 1st International Ostomy scientific with conjunction the 4rd world worldwide Ostomate Meet & Gather in Jakarta, Indonesia. We promise you are memorable Conference full of excitement, knowledge and great networking for all.


Endang Murwaningsih,S.Kep.,Ns.,WOC(ET)N.,OCN
IOS 2018 Conference chairperson